2023 Year 12 Digital Technology

Here you will find information about Year 12 Digital Technology.

In this course you will investigate, design and develop a Digital Outcome. The default project will be a video game developed using Godot 4. You can develop any digital outcome with the permission of your teacher.

Achievement Standards

Learning Godot 4

Godot is a small open source game engine. It can be used for 2D and 3D games as well as building apps and other pieces of software. The entire Godot application is built using Godot.

Godot Showreel

Getting Started

Download and install Godot 4 from godotengine.org. Extract the zip file and run the Godot executable,

Godot has excellent official documentation which you should use as a point of first contact for learning and understanding how to use the engine.

Work through these initial guides for getting started in Godot. Ensure that you complete the 2D game tutorial as this will cover key aspects of Game Development in general and for Godot.

About Godot

Read through these guides about the philosophy of Godot and Game Development

Tutorials (Example Games)

  1. Your first 2D Game
  2. Your first 3D Game

Once you have completed these tutorials investigate building a quick game of your own design using what you have learned. Use the internet and YouTube to help you.

Some useful sites are:

Project Overview

The project will be due at 3:30pm on Friday 25 August 2023.

Work is to be submitted using GitHub, Trello, and Teams. Any other links should be attached to the Teams Assignment handin.

You must carry out the inquiry and design assessments individually.

You are able to work in teams of up to three people when developing the game.

Inquiry – Investigating what game to make

This activity involves carrying out an inquiry to research and investigate possible opportunities for developing digital outcome and then developing a proposal to pitch your chosen idea.

Complete the files linked below to carry out this task for AS91890.

Developing a Video Game Design

Project Management

Project Timelines using Gantt Charts

Task Tracking with Kanban Boards (Trello)

Version Control using Github

Improving Your Work




Game Development