Plane Crazy


This project[4] involves creating a series of plane prototypes using 3D modelling[2] and practical models.

The Goal

You are to produce a plane / rocket that will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Flight distance
  • Flight time
  • Height off of ground
  • Maximum speed

What to hand in

  • You development journal / workbook
  • A list of success criteria (what will be considered a successful plane / rocket)
  • Evidence of your planning
  • Sketches and 3D models of plane / rocket designs
  • Evidence of evaluating designs
  • Physical prototypes / concepts (this will include photos)
  • Reflections on each design[5], this will include results from testing[3], records of
  • Performance[1] against the goal criteria above

Tasks / Activities

  1. Introduction (Presentation)
  2. Sketch rocket / plane ideas
  3. Orthographic drawing of concept (include dimensions)
Terms definitions
1. Performance. How well a system or algorithm runs or operates.
2. modelling. Technological modelling is the testing of design ideas to see if they can contribute to a fit-for-purpose technological outcome. There are two types of technological modelling: Functional modelling is the ongoing testing of design concepts Prototyping is the realisation of a fully functioning model Taken together, the two types of modelling provide evidence of factors […]
3. testing. Testing is about confirming decisions and ensuring that the desired result is produced form and outcome or component.
4. project. A series of tasks that need to be completed in order to reach a specific outcome
5. design. Creating a plan or mock up of the new system or digital outcome based on all of the requirements and specifications that have been identified.
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