Unity / Github Student Plan

Unity has a free student plan that is available. As does Github which provided access to a range[1] of tools.

It can be a bit of a hassle to get set up. This guide[2] is here to help with that.

Go to store.unity.com/academic/unity-student

Scroll down and select Authorise with Github

Note you’ll need[3] a Github account first.

Sign in to Github

Authorise the application.

You now need to apply for the Unity / Github Student Developer Pack.

Click Apply

Select Get You Pack

Fill in the required details.

Make sure that you use your school email address[4].

Select you school from the list for example select Christchurch Boys’ High School for CBHS.

Enter how you use github e.g. software development and project[5] management.

You will need to upload evidence that you are enrolled at that school.

This can be a copy of your student ID.

Make sure the information is accurate before submitting as it cannot be changed.

Then you have to wait.

Terms definitions
1. range. A selection of items. When asked in the context of an achievement standard it means at least three. In spreadsheets range is a way of selecting a group of cells. A colon is used to separate the starting and ending cells. e.g. B4:F10
2. guide. A user guide, document or tutorial to explain how to complete a task.
3. need. An identified requirement of a person, group, or environment. A need is identified from an issue and sits within a context. Technological practice can be undertaken in an attempt to meet an identified need.
4. address. In the process of analysing and issue or implication or creating a solution to an issue addressing involves minimising the negatives consequences and maximising the benefits and any other considerations such as legal and ethical implications.
5. project. A series of tasks that need to be completed in order to reach a specific outcome