Changing default apps in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows will set the default applications for commonly opened file types.

This will often be the Microsoft option such as Microsoft Edge for the www browser.

To change the default applications open the start menu and type: Default apps

Select this option

You will now see a list of the default applications used for certain key activities on the computer.

Click on an option and choose your preferred application.

You have now customised the application used.

Try clicking on a link that uses that type of application and the new default should open.

Customising applications for specific file types

You can also customise applications for specific file types.

Go into default apps like before.

Scroll to the bottom and choose Choose default apps by file type[2].

You can now see all the file extensions[1] and what application will be used to open it.

For example here I’m changing .pdf files to be opened with Google Chrome rather than the full Adobe Acrobat.

Terms definitions
1. file extensions. The bit after the dot in a filename. Most modern computers hide this by default, and you have to switch it on to see it. The file extension tells you what kind of file it is, some common ones include “.docx” for document files from Microsoft Word, “.jpg” for image files etc
2. file type. The type of file it is. File format is a term that means both the structure and the content. For example, an image file compressed using JPEG compression is simply called a “JPEG Image File”. Often interchangeably used with the term “file format”
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