Games for players with disabilities

Games have become a lot more accessible over the past few years. Custom control[1] schemes are available as are different colour schemes and modes[2] with closed captions.

“However certain types of games or characters lead themselves better to players with certain play styles or requirements.

This article “Games need more roles for players with disabilities” by PC Gamer discusses the fact that players are often forced to play certain roles in games.

Should this be the case[3]?

Should games have to offer facilities to allow access for all users?

How does this impact on the creative freedom of the developer?

Terms definitions
1. control. How a computer system operates or is “controlled”
2. modes. The manner in which an activity is conducted, for example, digital applications, photography, image manipulation, animation, models, and the range of conventional drawing and sketching methods.
3. case. A control mechanism in which the value of a variable or expression changes the execution of a program and which usually involves multiple branches.