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  • 2021 Project Themes

    2021 Project Themes

    In 2021 projects are to be themed around one of the following five topics.

  • Plane Crazy

    Overview This project involves creating a series of plane prototypes using 3D modelling and practical models. The Goal You are to produce a plane / rocket that will be assessed on the following criteria: Flight distance Flight time Height off of ground Maximum speed What to hand in You development journal / workbook A list […]

  • Level 3 Game (and Outcome) Development

    This post contains the 2021 Game Development project overiew. From this section you will find an overview of all of the learning activities, tasks and skill builders that are required for this project as well as the assessment materials. What will I make? The main outcome will be a game developed using Unity or another […]

  • Year 13 Game Design – Inquiry

    This project is part of a series involving developing a game (or other digital outcome) for good. The final digital outcome needs to have a positive impact on the end users and other stakeholders. Use the UN sustainable development goals to help determine a focus for the final outcome.