Category: Case Studies

  • Collecting Customer Feedback

    Collecting Customer Feedback

    Collating feedback from users is really important to develop products that meet the needs of your audience. If what you are developing does not have a need there is little point in developing the product. Remember a survey needs to collect data that can be analysed to provide information. Feedback helps projects to be successful.…

  • Games for players with disabilities

    Games for players with disabilities

    Games have become a lot more accessible over the past few years. Custom control schemes are available as are different colour schemes and modes with closed captions. “However certain types of games or characters lead themselves better to players with certain play styles or requirements. This article “Games need more roles for players with disabilities”…

  • Storing passwords

    Storing passwords

    Never trust a site that sends you your password when you forget it. There is no reason for a site to know your password. Sites should store password information as a hash. Find five examples of situations where passwords have been stored incorrectly.

  • Undersea Communication Cables

    Undersea Communication Cables

    Undersea cables are used to transmit data around the world. Most data sent over the internet uses these cables as they are faster than using satellites. Watch the video about the history of Undersea Communication cables below.

  • Stuxnet


    Stuxnet was / is a virus that was developed to specifically target the centrifuges use in the Iranian uranium enrichment programme. Watch the video and read the above article from on Stuxnet. Use the information above and other sources to answer the questions. What was/is Stuxnet? Approximately how many lines of code did Stuxnet…