Category: Risks

  • Factor’s outside one’s own control

    Factor’s outside one’s own control

    Things happen that you cannot predict. A global pandemic, earthquake, computer hard drive crashing, virus, travel, new game coming out. Some of these you can predict, prepare for, and manage in advance. Others you cannot. Allow for contingency time where nothing specific is scheduled. At worst this time can be used to refined and further…

  • Incorrect Functionality

    Incorrect Functionality

    If you don’t conduct quality analysis at the empathise and define stages of the design thinking process you are likely to have incorrect functionality in your project. This is when you have created something that the users don’t want. Spend time at the beginning before you start building researching and testing out your ideas. The…

  • Estimations and Scheduling

    Estimations and Scheduling

    Plan out your project. Create a Gantt chart. Estimate the time that you think it will take you to complete tasks. Don’t forget to include time to learn new skills. Your teacher or project manager will likely set deadlines for when you have to deliver certain components, put these into your plan as well. Set…

  • Financial


    If you need to purchase equipment or use specialist equipment there can be financial costs. This could include covering food for a team when you work on a weekend. Providing rewards / gifts to testers. The legal impact of using copyrighted material and being sued for copyright infringement.

  • Time


    You will have a limited amount of time to complete the project. This includes time in class and time outside of class at home and at school. You also need to consider other commitments such as work and other school subjects and when there are periods that you might not be able to work on…

  • Scope Creep

    Scope Creep

    Projects can get out of hand easily. The scope is how big the project is. You need to make sure that you plan out the scope carefully at the beginning by carrying out a thorough investigation and analysis of the problems, its requirements and the specification. Failure to do so will lead to a poorly…