Category: UX – User Experience

  • Accessibility


    Accessibility for UX is the same as general accessibility for a digital outcome. How can you make your outcome accessible for the end users. See accessibility for relevant implications.

  • Content Strategy

    Content Strategy

    A content strategy is a way of planning how you will present or display your information. Will it be all on one page, will it be segmented into different sections. Will you release information in stages over time. An example of a video game content strategy is seasons in video games.

  • Visual Design

    Visual Design

    Visual design involves the placement of content. See Principles of Visual Design from the Nielsen Group for more information. Contrast The difference between two sections. For example a light background with dark text. Repetition Reusing the same fonts, colours or shapes. Alignment How content is positioned on the page. Is it all balanced on the…

  • Interaction Design

    Interaction Design

    Interaction design looks at the human factors and psychology that influence why people make certain decisions and how to encourage (or discourage) these decisions. Components of interaction design can be: Words Using the right words can make an interface a lot easier to use. A button with the text Save File is clear in what…

  • User Interface Design

    User Interface Design

    User interface UI design involves creating the environment that the user will interact with. This could be web based, mobile, text, graphical, or even VR. The interface must be suitable for the end users and allow them to quickly and clearly achieve their goal. You need to know what the user needs and why they…

  • Information Architecture

    Information Architecture

    Information architecture is about how we group data and content together. Think of it as a high level blueprint to create a rough plan of where data and content should be stored or displayed. For example with a website we might group all the information about a topic together in one section of the site…

  • Usability Evaluation

    Usability Evaluation

    Remember usability relates to how easy it is for a user to interact with a system or product. We need to test how a user interacts with a system. This could be an existing system we want to replace or our own design. We can test this by observing the user use an existing system.…

  • User Research

    User Research

    User research is about the process of finding out information about the users (humans) of your system. It needs to have a structured approach that you can use to measure and observe the processes. There are two main areas of user research: Qualitative Research Quantitative Research These types of user research can be observational where…