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  • Unity – Universal Render Pipeline and Input System

    Unity – Universal Render Pipeline and Input System

    The Unity URP (Universal Render Pipeline) contains a new Input System. This is configured slightly differently. Add some objects to your scene. Apply a Rigidbody to the player object (in this case the sphere) Go to Window > Package Manager Open the package manager and select Unity Registry to see all of the options. Search […]

  • Unity / Github Student Plan

    Unity / Github Student Plan

    Unity has a free student plan that is available. As does Github which provided access to a range of tools. It can be a bit of a hassle to get set up. This guide is here to help with that. Go to Scroll down and select Authorise with Github Note you’ll need a Github […]

  • Level 3 Game (and Outcome) Development

    This post contains the 2021 Game Development project overiew. From this section you will find an overview of all of the learning activities, tasks and skill builders that are required for this project as well as the assessment materials. What will I make? The main outcome will be a game developed using Unity or another […]

  • Simulating Pandemics through gaming

    Simulating Pandemics through gaming

    Video games can be used to simulate and model real world pandemics. This happened with the Corrupted Blood incident with World of Warcraft.