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  • Unity / Github Student Plan

    Unity / Github Student Plan

    Unity has a free student plan that is available. As does Github which provided access to a range of tools. It can be a bit of a hassle to get set up. This guide is here to help with that. Go to Scroll down and select Authorise with Github Note you’ll need a Github […]

  • Plane Crazy

    Overview This project involves creating a series of plane prototypes using 3D modelling and practical models. The Goal You are to produce a plane / rocket that will be assessed on the following criteria: Flight distance Flight time Height off of ground Maximum speed What to hand in You development journal / workbook A list […]

  • Robotics – V5 Sensors

    There are a number of different V5 Sensors that are available. The majority work with vision detecting objects, movement or distance. Vision Sensor Optical Sensor Distance Sensor Inertial Sensor

  • VEXCode V5 Pro – Robot Movement

    VEXCode V5 Pro – Robot Movement

    This guide will run through how to code the VEX V5 Brain and otors to move the robot autonomously (by itself) and through the controller. This will look at using C++ to move the robot. Adding motors and other devices Click on the icon that looks like a network/smart port. Click on the + to […]

  • VEX Robotics – Getting Started

    VEX Robotics – Getting Started

    Installing VEXCode Pro V5 This guide will show you how to download and install VEX Code Pro V5 on your computer. Go to Download VEXcode Pro V5 Run the installer Let any windows pop up install any drivers You might need to manually close these windows The installer will then finish Run VEXcode Pro […]