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  • Kanban Boards – Github / Trello / Codecks

    Kanban Boards – Github / Trello / Codecks

    Kanban boards are a way of tracking tasks and goals in a project. Think of them as small post it notes for activities that need to be completed. Some tasks could be larger goals that are made up of smaller tasks. For example a goal could be to create a player. Sub goals of this […]

  • Adding a user as an Observer (or other role)

    Adding a user as an Observer (or other role)

    Log into your codecks account. Click the Joystick in the top left. Scroll down and click Users Click Add User Select the appropriate role and enter the email of the person you wish to give access to. Your teacher should have an observer role. Select which projects they should have access to. Send the invite. […]

  • Collecting Customer Feedback

    Collecting Customer Feedback

    Collating feedback from users is really important to develop products that meet the needs of your audience. If what you are developing does not have a need there is little point in developing the product. Remember a survey needs to collect data that can be analysed to provide information. Feedback helps projects to be successful. […]

  • Stage 0 – Project Overview

    Stage 0 – Project Overview

    Imagine that you are an indie developer and you have an opportunity to pitch concept/idea for a fun and effective video game for a target audience of your choosing. You have the opportunity to create a video game, what will it be about? What game features and mechanics might your game include? What might it […]

  • Stage 3 – Proposal and Presentation (1 Week)

    Stage 3 – Proposal and Presentation (1 Week)

    Based on your investigation, research and analysis, you must write a proposal document to address the question/statement/issue. This proposal should fall out of the discussion in your final report summary document. A proposal is a succinct document which must include the following: Game concept statement (overview of the game) Target audience (who the game is […]

  • Stage 4 – Summary and Submission (1 Week)

    Stage 4 – Summary and Submission (1 Week)

    Redraft and refine your final report. Add a justification (prove) of how and why your proposal addresses the chosen issue that you have explored and researched. At this stage you are to present your game proposal and submit it in the method requested by your teacher.

  • Stage 1A – Research Activities (1 Week)

    Stage 1A – Research Activities (1 Week)

    I wonder… Mind-map-Start with the question in the middle of the mind-map and just let your thought processes flow. Don’t worry if it’s too much or it might not be relevant right now. The more the better. Examples, observations, questions, statements, thought- everything is fine! Lots of scribbles and ideas on a big piece of […]

  • Introduction / Kipi arataki

    Introduction / Kipi arataki

    The number of video games that are available is growing everyday. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in people finding solace, support and a community through video games Before beginning to create a game you need to look closely at what makes a good game (conduct an inquiry) and develop / write a proposal outlining a […]

  • Assessment Details

    Assessment Details

    This assessment activity forms part of a larger Level 3 Game Design and Development Project This resource supports assessment against Achievement Standard 91900 This resource: Clarifies the requirements of the achievement standard Supports good assessment practice Should be subjected to the school’s usual assessment quality assurance process Should be modified to make the context relevant […]

  • Task Overview

    Task Overview

    This task will involve you undertaking a critical inquiry into some of the issues around video games and proposing an outcome which addresses or investigates the findings from your inquiry. The direction that you go in this inquiry should be driven by you. It is important that you choose a question or statement to carry […]