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  • Collecting Customer Feedback

    Collecting Customer Feedback

    Collating feedback from users is really important to develop products that meet the needs of your audience. If what you are developing does not have a need there is little point in developing the product. Remember a survey needs to collect data that can be analysed to provide information. Feedback helps projects to be successful. […]

  • 2.08 Use advanced processes to develop a digital outcome (91897 L2 6cr)

    This is a 6 credit internal This achievement standard involves using advanced processes to develop a digital outcome. Click here to access the NZQA Digital Technology Achievement Standards page. What is meant by advanced processes changes depending on the type of digital media outcome you are producing or design methodology you are using. Browse the specific topic pages for […]

  • Sony delisting Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation store

    Sony delisting Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation store

    Sony has announced that they are delisting Cyberpunk 2077 due to problems with how the game plays on base PS4 hardware. This is a massive step and means that people can continue to play the game if they own it. No more copies can be sold however. A similar issue happened with the PC version […]

  • Github Projects

    Github Projects is a project management tool that integrates with Github. Github is a great version control utility that enables the tracking of changes in files that are stored in a repo (repository). It also allows multiple people to collaborate effectively. A Github Project allows for tasks to be tracked and monitored for different projects […]