Category: Gantt Charts

  • Updating your progress

    Updating your progress

    Now that you’ve set up your Gantt Chart and project management in Team Gantt you need to use it to update your project. If you’re unsure how to set it up see the previous lessons. To update a task change the % complete to an appropriate value. Note the group for that task and the […]

  • Checklists, lists and calendars

    Checklists, lists and calendars

    In this section we will use the example from the previous lesson where we created a number of tasks and assigned times and values to them. We will then add additional checklists to these tasks so that we can track their progress in more detail. Note that there is the Gantt, List, Calendar and Boards […]

  • Setting up dependencies, allocating times and resources to tasks

    Setting up dependencies, allocating times and resources to tasks

    Make sure that you have a project set up before starting this section. Adding times to tasks In the Gantt tab move into the timeline next to a task. When you click here you will set for that task to be carried out on that date. You can drag the ends of the box to […]

  • Setting Up Tasks

    Setting Up Tasks

    A Gantt chart is a project management tool that allows you to create tasks and assign resources such as people and equipment to them. This allows for a critical path to be calculated. If tasks on the critical path are delayed the entire project will be delayed. The critical path identifies which tasks are dependent […]