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  • Tracking Progress and Updating Cards

    Tracking Progress and Updating Cards

    Finally we want to be able to update and track our progess. Thankfully a lot of this is automated by Codecks. You can click on the clock icon to view the cards history. At the top of each card are some categories that allow you to classify it’s current state. By default a card exists […]

  • Adding Milestone Data

    Adding Milestone Data

    Milestones are a way that you can set dates that tasks have to be completed by. These could be used for ensuring that a Sprint (cycle of agile) is to be completed by. When a version has to be delivered to the client or when there are other important deadlines that must be met. Click […]

  • Adding Cards

    Adding Cards

    Cards are the core mechanic of Kanban boards. Each card records a task or activity than needs to be carried out. Below is an empty deck for the Research deck I have created. All tasks related to research will be included here. Click on the red + to add a card. We now see the […]

  • Adding Decks

    Adding Decks

    Decks store the context of what you are trying to do. This could be a list of to do items, completed items or items classed by their requirements such as art, gameplay, players, enemies, graphics, levels, etc. It is important to customise these decks to reflect your own project. Click on the Add Deck section […]

  • Creating an account

    Creating an account

    Go to and click create your account Enter the name of the organisation. This is the name of the project you are working on. For example it could be learnictnowgames This will give you a URL. Note this is not your username. Next create your account. Enter your email and details. Note that where […]