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  • Touch input on secondary monitor in Windows 11

    Touch input on secondary monitor in Windows 11

    When using Windows 11 on the desktop (and sometimes Windows 10) the touch input will default to the primary / main monitor. Often you want to attach a secondary monitor that has a touch screen. Windows 11 hides the calibrate option away under the Tablet PC settings as it believes that a desktop cannot act…

  • Adding multiple non Steam games to Steam

    Adding multiple non Steam games to Steam

    Steam is a place where a lot of people have a lot of their digital games. However there are also a number of different games clients and Epic Games in particular offers free games every week. It’s convenient to have them in one location, especially if you use Steam Link to play your games remotely.…

  • Github Accounts

    Github Accounts

    Create a Github account.

  • PHP / MySQL Web Server

    PHP / MySQL Web Server

    Download a portable USB Webserver running PHP and MySQL. This can be copied and run off of a USB or one folder without requiring an installation. The default username is root and the default password is usbw. Check out the W3 Schools PHP tutorials for getting started with PHP.

  • Blender


    If you are working on 3D models you should download and install Blender. 3D modelling can be one persons part of the project and count as the media standard.

  • Unity Hub

    Unity Hub

    Download and install Unity Hub and then Unity using the hub. Use the non beta version of Unity Hub.

  • Unity


    Create a project in Unity.

  • Kanban Boards – Github / Trello / Codecks

    Kanban Boards – Github / Trello / Codecks

    Kanban boards are a way of tracking tasks and goals in a project. Think of them as small post it notes for activities that need to be completed. Some tasks could be larger goals that are made up of smaller tasks. For example a goal could be to create a player. Sub goals of this…

  • Github Desktop

    Github Desktop

    Go to and download and install Github Desktop

  • VS Code – Extensions for Unity

    VS Code – Extensions for Unity

    For Unity you should install the following extensions in Visual Studio Code. C# Unity Tools Use this video to help you through the process.