Year 10 Digital Technology (Half Year)

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This page contains the 2021 Game Development project overview.

The Achievement Standard pages will provide examples of a range of evidence that is required.


What will I make?

This half year course is a taster exposing you to multiple aspects of Digital Technology.

You will choose one of these to have presented at the Digital Technology showcase in Term 4.


  1. Robotics – Solve a maze
  2. 3D Modelling
  3. ProgrammingPython
  4. Hardware
  5. Web Design
  6. Image Editing
  7. Video Editing
  8. Project Management

Digital Technology Showcase

You will also produce additional support materials of your work to display your work at the digital technology showcase event held during Week 1 of Term 4 2021.

These support materials will consist of:

  • digital product(s)
  • logo
  • promotional presentation
  • promotional video (15-30 seconds)
  • 2 A3 boards / posters promoting your work

How will this project work?


  1. Robotics – Solve a maze
  2. 3D Modelling
  3. Programming – Python
  4. Web Design
  5. Image Editing
  6. Video Editing
  7. Project Management

Year Plan

Key Dates

This work must be complete before the first lesson of the week. Unless otherwise stated.

Week ofDescription
18/10Digital Technology Showcase

Semester 1 Term 1 / Semester 2 Term 3

Semester 1
Semester 2
ActivityMilestones / Due
1/226/7Setup and install software (Unity, Trello, Github, other documents)
8/22/8Robotics / Programming
15/29/8Robotics / Programming
22/216/8Robotics / Programming
1/323/83D Modelling
8/330/83D Modelling
15/36/9Hardware / Microbit / Programming
22/313/9Hardware / Microbit / Programming
29/320/9Hardware / Microbit / Programming
5/427/9Web Design
12/4Web Design

Semester 1 Term 2 / Semester 2 Term 4

Semester 1
Semester 2
ActivityMilestones / Due
3/518/10Web Design
10/525/10Web Design
24/58/11Programming25/5 Open Day
Semester 1 Digital Technology Presentation
21/66/12Passion Project
28/6Passion Project
5/7Passion Project

Term 4

WeekActivityMilestones / Due
18/10Digital Technology Showcase
25/10Digital Technology External

Materials / Resources