Year 11 Digital Technology (NCEA Level 1)

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This page contains the 2021 Digital Technology overview.

This course covers Web Development and Programming[1] with Hardware and Computer assembly depending on time constraints.

The Achievement Standard pages will provide[6] examples of a range[7] of evidence that is required.


What will I make?

Digital Technology Showcase

You will also produce additional support[4] materials of your work to display your work at the digital technology showcase event[8] held during Week 1 of Term 4 2021.

These support materials will consist of:

  • digital product(s)
  • logo
  • promotional presentation
  • promotional video (15-30 seconds)
  • 2 A3 boards / posters promoting your work

How will this project work?


Year Plan

Please note that the dates and times in the plan below are subject to change and are guides only. Consult with your teacher for specific requirements.

Key Dates

This work must be complete before the first lesson of the week. Unless otherwise stated.

Week ofDescription
18/10Digital Technology Showcase

Term 1

WeekActivitySkill DevelopmentMilestones / Due
1/2Setup and install software (Unity, Trello, Github, other documents)HTML
8/2Web Development Project[9]
Requirements / Concepts
15/2Web Development Project
HCI – Analysing user interfaces
Semantic HTML
22/2Web Development Project
1/3Web Development Project
Concepts (Final)
8/3Web Development ProjectPrint statements
15/3Web Development ProjectInput
22/3Web Development ProjectIf Statements
29/3Web Development ProjectIf Statements
5/4Web Development ProjectWhile Loops
12/4Web Development ProjectInput Error detection[2]

Term 2

WeekActivitySkill DevelopmentMilestones / Due
3/5Web Development Project
10/5Web Development ProjectWeb Design[10] Project Due
17/5Programming – Python[11]Input and Output
24/5Programming – PythonSelection
31/5Programming – PythonLoops
7/6Programming – PythonLoops
14/6Programming – PythonLists
21/6Programming – Python
28/6Programming – Python
5/7Programming – Python

Term 3

WeekActivityMilestones / Due
26/7Programming – Python
2/8Programming – Python
9/8Programming – Python
16/8Game Dev
23/8HCIBlock week
30/8HCIWinter tournament week
27/9HCI ExternalNCEA Music Performance[3]

Term 4

WeekActivityMilestones / Due
18/10Game DevDigital Technology Showcase
25/10Game DevDigital Technology External

Achievement Standards

Resources / Materials

    Terms definitions
    1. Programming. The process of writing a programme
    2. Error detection. Error detection is a method that can look at some data and detect if it has been corrupted while it was stored or transmitted. Read more on CSUnplugged’s website here
    3. Performance. How well a system or algorithm runs or operates.
    4. support. When assistiance ir provided or given.
    5. Debugging. Fixing errors in your programs or algorithms: There are two possible types: * a logical bug is an error which means that the computer is able to carry out its instructions, it doesn’t act as the programmer intends it to be * a syntax bug is an error caused by something the programmer has typed, […]