Year 12 Digital Technology (NCEA Level 2)

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This page contains the 2021 Game Development project[3] overview.

The Achievement Standard pages will provide[4] examples of a range[5] of evidence that is required.


What will I make?

You will be creating a game or an interactive website to promote your game this year.

This will be an integrated project over the course of the year.

The Game / Website

Each product will have you completing multiple standards and carrying out a development process that resembles how industry carries out these tasks.

Digital Technology Showcase

You will also produce additional support[2] materials of your work to display your work at the digital technology showcase event[6] held during Week 1 of Term 4 2021.

These support materials will consist of:

  • digital product(s)
  • logo
  • promotional presentation
  • promotional video (15-30 seconds)
  • 2 A3 boards / posters promoting your work

How will this project work?


Year Plan

Key Dates

This work must be complete before the first lesson of the week. Unless otherwise stated.

Week ofDescription
25/5CBHS Open Day – Display Vertical Slice
17/8CBHS Subject Evening – E3 Style Event[6]
18/10Digital Technology Showcase

Term 1

WeekActivitySkill DevelopmentMilestones / Due
1/2Setup and install software (Unity, Trello, Github, other documents)HTML and CSS
8/2Research / Skill DevelopmentHTML and CSS
15/2Research / Skill DevelopmentSemantic HTML
22/2Research / Skill DevelopmentFlex box
1/3Research / Skill DevelopmentDiv
8/3Research / Skill DevelopmentJS
15/3Project[3] – Web / Game
22/3Project – Web / Game
29/3Project – Web / Game
5/4Project – Web / Game
Design – Final
12/4Project – Web / Game

Term 2

WeekActivitySkill DevelopmentMilestones / Due
3/5Project – Web / Game
Sprint 1
10/5Project – Web / Game
Sprint 1
17/5Project – Web / Game
Sprint 1
24/5Project – Web / Game
Sprint 2
31/5Project – Web / Game
Sprint 2
7/6Project – Web / Game
Sprint 2
14/6Project – Web / Game
Sprint 3
21/6Project – Web / Game
Sprint 3
28/6Project – Web / Game
Sprint 3
5/7Project – Web / Game
Sprint 3

Term 3

WeekActivitySkill DevelopmentMilestones / Due
26/7Project – Web / Game
Sprint 4
2/8Project – Web / Game
Sprint 4
9/8Project – Web / Game
Sprint 4
16/8Project – Web / Game
23/8Project – Web / GameBlock week
30/8Project – Web / GameWinter tournament week
6/9Project – Web / Game
13/9Project – Web / Game
20/9Project – Web / Game
27/9ExternalNCEA Music Performance[1]

Term 4

WeekActivityMilestones / Due
18/10Project PresentationDigital Technology Showcase
25/10ContingencyDigital Technology External

Achievement Standards

    Resources / Materials

      Terms definitions
      1. Performance. How well a system or algorithm runs or operates.
      2. support. When assistiance ir provided or given.
      3. project. A series of tasks that need to be completed in order to reach a specific outcome
      4. provide. When information have been given to the user, developer, designer, tester.
      5. range. A selection of items. When asked in the context of an achievement standard it means at least three. In spreadsheets range is a way of selecting a group of cells. A colon is used to separate the starting and ending cells. e.g. B4:F10