Relevant Implications

Relevant Implications (Definitions)

Evidence required for NCEA

See the sections below for brief[4] description for what is required for describing, explaining, addressing and evaluating relevant implications.


Year 11 – Level 1 – Basic Year 12 – Level 2 – Advanced Year 13 – Level 3 – Complex

Terms definitions
1. outcome. Products and systems developed through Technological Practice for a specific purpose. A technological outcome is evaluated in terms of its fitness for purpose, and can be described by their physical and functional nature.
2. need. An identified requirement of a person, group, or environment. A need is identified from an issue and sits within a context. Technological practice can be undertaken in an attempt to meet an identified need.
3. range. A selection of items. When asked in the context of an achievement standard it means at least three. In spreadsheets range is a way of selecting a group of cells. A colon is used to separate the starting and ending cells. e.g. B4:F10
4. brief. A description of what you are trying to achieve with your project. There are two kinds of briefs: * Initial brief – a statement that you make at the beginning of your project that tells the people reading it what you will do, and why. It also tells the reader what you think will happen. […]