Level 2 Game Design Project – Inquiry – (91890)

Teachers/Kaiako must manage authenticity for any assessment from a public source, because students may have access to the assessment schedule or student exemplar material.

Using this assessment resource without modification may mean that students’ work is not authentic. The teacher/kaiako may need[2] to change figures, measurements or data[3] sources or set a different context[4] or topic to be investigated or a different text to read or perform. Students must write their report in their own words and reference any quotes accordingly.


Task / Hei Mahi

Terms definitions
1. milestone. A milestone is a key point in a project that represents a stage of development. This could be when a task is expected to be completed by or a point where certain work needs to be presented to others for example. They represent larger goals or points that are to be achieved in order for […]
2. need. An identified requirement of a person, group, or environment. A need is identified from an issue and sits within a context. Technological practice can be undertaken in an attempt to meet an identified need.
3. data. Raw facts or figures without context or meaning. e.g. 1, “Boris”, False
4. context. The setting for something, that makes it easy to understand the whole story. So if something can be situated in several different settings, understanding which setting you are talking about makes it easier to see the whole picture.