Web Design and Development

Here you will create a webpages using HTML and CSS and embed content on the pages for a specific purpose.

For Level 1 you need[1] to know how to do at least the following skills in Web Development:

  • Static[2] Webpages
  • HTML
    • Essential Page Tags
    • Content Tags
  • CSS
  • CSS Grid Layout
  • File and folder management


Server Side Scripting – PHP (PHP Hypertext Processor)

Server side scripting involves running code on the webserver before the html page is rendered and sent to the client.There are a number of different tools that can be used.


Installing PHP on Windows Configuring Visual Studio Code to use PHP and PHP (Web) Server)

Terms definitions
1. need. An identified requirement of a person, group, or environment. A need is identified from an issue and sits within a context. Technological practice can be undertaken in an attempt to meet an identified need.
2. Static. In relation to computing static usually means that something is unable to change. In relation to Object Orientated Programming (OOP) static is used to refer to a variable or method that is used for multiple different objects. They can be called directly and do not need an object to be instantiated (created) using a class.