The principles, techniques, and/or procedures established by a “community of practice”. For example, in Construction and Mechanical Technologies accepted conventions[1] relate to such things as flush, parallel, perpendicular, offset, symmetry, array[2], tolerance, ease, press fit, clearances, eccentricity, and taper.

Terms definitions
1. accepted conventions. A set of rules that you should follow, but you don’t have to. For example, when you are writing, you should seperate your writing into paragraphs, but you don’t have to. When the rule becomes compulsory, it can become what is called a Standard. In that same example, a standard would be that sentences should […]
2. array. A data structure that is a collection of elements, each element has what is called an array index or key, which can be thought of as a pointer. And you can refer to that element by calling it’s index or key. Related Articles: Glossary: CamelCaseGlossary: Programme / ProgramGlossary: snake_case convention2.02 Apply conventions to develop a […]