Aesthetics is about making your outcome pleasing to look at or use. It is closely tied to design.

See this external article about aesthetics in interactive media.

Like a lot of implications there are links to other implications such as end users, usability and accessibility

Questions that you should consider are:

  • Does it look good?
  • Is the colour scheme appropriate?
  • Is the shape suitable?
  • Does it appeal to the right audience?
  • Does it follow design conventions?
  • Does it convey the right image?


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    Creating your own font with FontForge

    Go to and download and install the appropriate version. Start FontForge Click New You now see all of the characters (letters and symbols) that are needed for the font. Right click on a letter space and select New Outline Window Make sure that you have the Fore ground selected Use the Draw tools to…

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    Why you should create your own font

    Did you know that a number of fonts are covered by copyright. To use them commercially you would need to purchase a licence. This can impact your projects feasibility and limit how it can be distributed. There are different fonts that are better for different situations. Some can be easier for dyslexic people to read…