End-user considerations

You always need to consider all of the end users of your outcome.

This might not just be the people you intend to use it.

Make sure that you can demonstrate that it is suitable for all of their needs and that your outcome achieves what they want. This can best be achieved through regular feedback, trialling, testing and consultation with your end users.

At the early stages create a list of requirements that your system must have for the end users. Reflect on this and update it regularly as you develop your outcome, do this in consultation with the end users. This will usually lead to a more successful final outcome.

Questions that you should consider are:

  • What specific needs does your end user have?
  • Does it do what the user needs?
  • Is the text at the appropriate reading and language level?
  • Does it appeal to the right demographic of users? e.g. adults, teens, games
  • Is it accessible on the devices that the end users will use?
  • Have the end users been consulted regularly?
  • Can you prove that the outcome meets the end users needs?