Privacy is important to so many people. Often privacy is given up in order for more convenient access to services.

Take GPS and location services on your phone. Turning this on allows you to receive directions to locations. However it also allows for companies to track your movements while it is enabled.

The fitness app Strava accidentally gave away the location of a US military base as the runs of military personal were shown publicly on the app. See the Guardian article for more information.

Questions that you should consider are:

  • Do you need to collect any personal data?
  • Why do you need to collect this data?
  • if so have you asked for permission?
  • How do you keep data private on a digital platform?
  • Is data kept private?
  • Have you kept personal data safe?
  • Are you sharing personal information?
  • Do you need permission from people in images?
  • Is there any identifiable information in the data you have collected?