Task / Hei Mahi

Stage 3 – Proposal and Presentation (1 Week)

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Based on your investigation, research and analysis, you must write a proposal document to address the question/statement/issue. This proposal should fall out of the discussion in your final report summary document.

A proposal is a succinct document which must include the following:

  • Game concept statement (overview of the game)
  • Target audience (who the game is for)
  • Requirements (the essential features that the game must have)
  • Specifications (the list of features that the game should meet)
  • Resources (list of the resources that you will need, pc, software, graphics, etc.)
  • Bibliography (list of the references and sources of your information)

You will be required to also present an elevator pitch for your game. This will be a 1-3 minute presentation of your proposal for your game.

This will be a live presentation supported by your proposal document and a presentation.

Game Proposal Section

This should include:

  • Developer information – who is making the game
  • Overview – what the game is about and its scope
  • Requirements – what the game must contain to be considered successful
  • Specifications – measurable criteria that relate to the requirements, these are used to set out what the game needs to have to meet the requirements
  • Resources – what you need to develop the game
  • Summary – a conclusion explaining how your proposal meets the findings of your inquiry
  • Key Dates – a list of key dates that you are to meet to have different sections of your game completed

Format of live presentation

  • 1-3 minutes
  • Focus is on the game you intend to make not your research / inquiry
  • Presentation should include:
    • A brief description of your game
    • Overview
    • Requirements and Specifications
    • Resources
    • Particular challenges you anticipate
  • It is advised to include some visuals of what your game could look like and some to show where you have taken inspiration from.

There is a template for this attached to this page.