Week 1 – Skills – Blender, Unity C#

This year you will be creating a game (electronic or physical) or another digital outcome of your choice such as a website or app.

You need to get set up with all of the software and accounts that you require this week.

Make sure that you have the following setup:

  • Github Desktop
  • Unity
  • Visual Studio (can install via Unity)
  • Blender
  • TeamGantt.com account for project management

The focus of the first couple of weeks is building your skills in Unity, C# and Blender. One lesson a week will be dedicated to developing your skills. You should also spend 1-2 hours a week outside of class time developing your skills.

Use the resources linked below to develop your skills:

You need to know how to do the following at least:


  • Create 3D shapes / models
  • Export models
  • Edit textures


  • Create objects
  • Add plugins
  • Add scripts
  • Move cameras
  • Move player objects
  • move non player objects via scripts
  • Interact with the environment
  • Apply physics
  • Add text
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