1.07 Develop a computer program (91883 L1 4cr)

This is a 4 credit internal

This achievement standard involves developing a computer program to carry out a task or activity.

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Develop a computer progam

This involves you:You can show this by:
writing code for a program that performs a specified task using a suitable programming language
writing code that variables storing at least two types of data (e.g. numeric, text, Boolean)
setting out the program code clearly
documenting the program with comments
testing the program to ensure that it works on a sample of expected (valid) cases
debugging the program to ensure that it works on a sample of expected (valid) cases
write a program that contains all of the required features

The computer program requires the following features:

Programming Features:You can show this by:
variableuse a variable such as a string, boolean, integer, float, double, char
You must use the variable appropriately in your program
first_name = input(“Enter first name”)
variable of different data typeuse a variable such as a string, boolean, integer, float, double, char that is different to the one above
user inputread input from the keyboard, sensors or other input
first_name = input(“Enter first name”)
user outputprint output to the screen
output to other devices such as motors
print(“Hello World”)
sequencecode that follows a logical order
selectionif else statements, case or switch statement, event driven interrupts
if num < 5 then do this
iterationlooping and repeating code.
while, for, recursion, event loops
while num < 5 do print num
At least one of the following:you must show two examples for one of the following, you cannot have one example from each.
You can have two examples of each
data stored in collectionslists, arrays, dictionaries
fruit = [‘apple’, ‘banana’, ‘cantaloupe’, ‘durian’]
user-defined methods, functions or procedures.functions to handle repetitive input, display blocks of text, handle startup and configuration, carry out specific tasks
function get_name():
name = input(“Enter name: “)
return name

Achievement with Merit

Develop an informed computer program

This requires you to:

This involves you:You can show this by:
documenting the program with variable names and comments that describe code function and behaviourComments need to describe and explain the purpose of the different sections of the program.
For example explain what are the variables used for, what does the program do, what purpose do the the different parts of the program perform
following conventions for the chosen programming languageuse the standards of the language for example snake_case for Python or CamelCase for C# or other C derived langauges
testing and debugging the program in an organised way to ensure that it works on expected and relevant boundary cases.use a structured test plan that is developed before testing begins

carrying out boundary testing and debuggingTest limits of the program.
For example in a loop that should run 5 times test for 4, 5 and 6. These are valid upper extreme, valid boundary limit and invalid upper extreme test values respectively

Achievement with Excellence

Develop a refined computer program

This involves you:You can show this by:
ensuring that the program is a well-structured, logical response to the task
comprehensively testing and debugging the program
making the program flexible and robust (shown by the items below)
using methods, functions, procedures, actions, conditions and control structures effectively
checking input data for validity
correctly handling expected, boundary and invalid values
using constants, variables and derived values in place of literals.

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