Python is a high level third generation programming language.

Python is an interpreted language as opposed to a compiled language.

This means that each line of Python code is executed (run) line by line directly on the computer only at the time the program is run. This is different from a compiled language such ad C# where all of the code is compiled (converted) to machine code for the computer that the program will run on before it is run.

You can use whatever text editor you would like to write Python code. Python includes an editor IDLE which has some features.

It is recommended to use a more full featured editor such as Visual Studio Code.

As you work through the different tasks save each file as a separate file. Python files must be saves with a .py file extension.

The exercises will contain an example of what input and output the program should look like.

Input will be in regular text and input that is entered by the user will be in bold as shown below.

Please enter your name: Bob
Hello Bob!
What is your age? 15
15 is a great age.

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