Relevant Implications – Level 2 – Advanced

Explaining Relevant Implications (Achievement)

You need to describe what the implication is and then given reasons proving why this is a relevant implication for your outcome.

Addressing relevant implications and end-user considerations (Merit)

This is where you explain (give points and include details) how you will ensure that your design addresses (covers) the implication to ensure that it meets the requirements of the implication.

You also need to consider the end-user and what they need in the same way (this doesn’t count as one of the three implications).

to do this you need to consider the positive and negative impacts of your outcome on the implication.

Then write a summary weighing up these points and demonstrating how you will or have minimised and negative aspects of the implication and included or enhanced any positive aspects of the implication.

For example with future proofing you could minimise a negative impact of a print media outcome by laminating the posters that are displayed on a wall as this would increase their longevity. A consequence of this is that they are less environmentally friendly.

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