Exemplars of Past Technology Scholarships

Files here are extracted from the NZQA website and are copyright the original author and NZQA. Find the originals on the Scholarship Technology page.

Not all scholarship exemplars will be digital. However all Technology Scholarships are assessed against the same criteria and provide useful background.

Note is it about the process and it’s impact on addressing an issue.

Assessment criteria can be found in the lesson media section at the bottom of this page.

YearDigitalProject Title and LinkOverviewResult
2020N/ANo exemplars
2019YStaff Café Payment SystemDeveloping a system to track orders from staff that can then be sent to accounts for payment.Top Scholar
2018YNutrition AppObtaining and utilising accurate nutritional information.Top Scholar
2018NCollapsible Dish RackProject inquiry started wide and pivoted to the issue of drying.Outstanding
2018YDrone Building WebsiteIntegrated feedback with users, research into existing options overseas and comparing similar sites in different areas.Scholarship
2016YWikipedia MappingDevelop a more user friendly mapping tool for the generation of maps for use on WikipediaOutstanding
2015NCoffee Table / ChairIterative development and refinement of a coffee table and chair for environments with limited space.Scholarship
2014NWater Play ActivityDeveloping a suitable water play area for seniors students with additional learning needs.Top Scholar
2013YRobotic Glass CleanerDeveloping a robotic vacuum cleaner, looking at cleaning patterns, electronics, engineering, and coding required.Top Scholar

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