Most of this information is taken from the NZQA Technology Scholarship page.

Scholarship Technology involves you critically demonstrating your work in, understanding of, and application of three key areas of the Technology curriculum (Unfortunately it does not yet include the two Digital Technology specific strands).

Those strands are:

Your report must cover all three strands.

Structure of the Assessment

Scholarship Technology involves writing a reflective report based on your experiences in developing a technological (in this case digital) outcome or outcomes in the past 12 months.

A report is an organised collection of evidence that clearly communicates your knowledge, understanding, and skills relevant to the Technology Scholarship standard.

You must make sure that your report is clear and contains easily accessible evidence that demonstrates your outcome and most importantly the processes you have used to develop it.

In addition to the written component, it may include:

  • clear photographs
  • brief videos to communicate development of technological outcomes
  • graphical, audio, video, and / or other digital media to enhance or illustrate aspects of your experience that are shown in the report.

Additional components should not repeat material in the report.

Report Requirements

The points in the table below are absolute requirements set by NZQA for the formatting of the report document.

Length:maximum 60 A4 pages (sides)
Typeface / Font:12pt Arial (or similar, sans-serif font)
Margins:2.5cm (top, middle, bottom, left, and right)
Filename:Final file submitted must be:
[NSN]-[Surname]-[First name].pdf (e.g. 345678912-Franklin-Janice.pdf)
File Size:Final pdf must be under 200mb. Have links to online videos embedded in the document (QR Codes are easier for markers). QR Code Generator
Dynamic Content:None
Dynamic / Interactive / Electronic content such as websites, databases, games, apps, etc. will not be assessed by the marker. These aspects need to be communicated via the written content and screen capture / video evidence.
Group Work:When part of a group project you must declare your role in the project and clearly state which work is your own.
Where the marker is unsure who the work belongs to it may be interpreted as not being your work.

What are Technological Experiences?

Scholarship Technology requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of three

See the NZQA Scholarship Technology Page for more information

Submission and Authenticity

All work submitted must be your own.

The report is submitted digitally through your teacher.

By submitting your report to your teacher you are stating that all work is your own (for the report and that of the digital outcome and where the digital outcome contains work from multiple people you have clearly indicated which work is your own).

In addition your submission is subject to your schools assessment policy.