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Stage 1A – Research Activities (1 Week)

I wonder…

Start with the question in the middle of the mind-map and just let your thought processes flow. Don’t worry if it’s too much or it might not be relevant right now. The more the better. Examples, observations, questions, statements, thought- everything is fine! Lots of scribbles and ideas on a big piece of paper is awesome.

Devil’s Advocate

Argue both sides of the statement or question. Make a simple “Pro’s vs Con’s” table on your research document (or on paper) and start to compile some of the arguments for and against- you must fight equally for both sides of the argument! Doing an inquiry means that you have not made up your mind yet until you have explored all the sides of the argument fully.

The “Question Comb”

Write the questions “Who, what, why, where, how” in your research document and go through your mind-map and pros/cons with this “comb”. Add connections and observations wherever they are relevant.

You might mention Puzzle games as a non-violent game success story…

  • What- Tetris, candy crush
  • How- casual, matching, manipulating, competing with self, stepping up
  • Where- often mobile (more recently)
  • Why- casual games are pick up/put down, easy to learn, fun to play, not big investment of time/money
  • Who- played more by females (stereotype?)

Research “Inflator”

To get more depth.

Look through your evidence so far for statements. Are they true? Can you find evidence to back up your statement (or disagree with it?) Start writing notes in a google doc and remember to keep links and start your bibliography of reference material you have looked at.

Puzzle games are played more by females….(Use google or “google scholar” to find relevant research- take note of ALL of it in a separate document AND all the relevant links for your bibliography and further reading)

The “Lens” inflator

To add even more depth.

Imagine you are viewing the issue from someone else’s point of view (a different lens like male/female/old/young/geek/casual gamer/console gamer/mobile gamer/ hardcore gamer etc – how would they see some of the observations that you have made? Pick a couple of these diverse demographics and try to look at the problem/question/statement from their point of view.

The key work here is but

FPS Games are just great fun…..but older people have slower reactions and don’t tend to play them.

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