Stage 2 – Organise and Analyse (1 Week)

Begin your final report summary.

The report at this stage should lead to a potential proposal and should simply outline your inquiry so far and include evidence of research (at least five articles with references) as well as opinion.

When using the template file attached do not complete the Game Proposal section.

Only complete the Inquiry review section.

Inquiry Review and Game Proposal

Written Report

There will be two sections to the written report.

The first is the inquiry report which is a summary of the research into your inquiry question / statement.

The second is your proposal for your video game. This will detail the type of game you intend to make based on your inquiry.

There is a template for this attached to this page.

Inquiry Report Section

There is a template available on this and previous lessons.

A simple template might be:

  • Introduction – lead with the question/statement
  • Research
  • Proposal
  • Conclusion and justifications for why and how your proposal might address the issue

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