Task Overview

This task will involve you undertaking a critical inquiry into some of the issues around video games and proposing an outcome which addresses or investigates the findings from your inquiry.

The direction that you go in this inquiry should be driven by you.

It is important that you choose a question or statement to carry out your inquiry that is broad enough to all you to critically analyse the results of your research. The inquiry focus should be broad enough to help you determine what kind of game you will make and prove that there is an need for the game / outcome and an opportunity for this game/ outcome to be successful.

To ensure that your inquiry progresses, key milestones must be met. These are outlined with your teacher. If you wish to change these you must negotiate this with your teacher.

The inquiry task is broken up into the following stages, shown in the later lessons for this course.

While competing this task you will also be producing evidence for the complex processes standard (91907).

You need to use research to gather background information and ideas which you will analyse. It is not expected that you would present all of the gathered information. You should present a concise summary and analysis of what you found. The research should be used to find out about how digital technologies can provide a solution to the inquiry question.

The results of the research and analysis should be used to guide the establishment of a refined inquiry focus.

The inquiry process needs to be broad enough to enable you to choose from a range of possible digital technologies outcomes.

The proposal should contain enough information that a you could develop it into a digital technologies outcome. This could include purpose, end users, scope, requirements and specifications, and resources needed to create the digital technologies outcome.

Your summary of the findings needs to relate the research to the inquiry questions and the proposed digital technologies outcome.

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