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  • Exemplars of Past Technology Scholarships

    Files here are extracted from the NZQA website and are copyright the original author and NZQA. Find the originals on the Scholarship Technology page. Not all scholarship exemplars will be digital. However all Technology Scholarships are assessed against the same criteria and provide useful background. Note is it about the process and it’s impact on […]

  • Performance Standard / Assessment Criteria

    Performance Standard The text below is taken directly from the Performance Standard, which is available on the NZQA New Zealand Scholarship Technology webpage. Outcome description The student will use knowledge of technology to demonstrate synthesis, integration, justification, and critical reflection on technological experiences. Scholarship Performance Descriptor The student will demonstrate aspects of high level: analysis […]

  • Useful Links and Resources

    Useful Links For the report Resource / Site / Link Why it’s useful Assessment Schedule The marking scheme for Scholarship Technology NZQA 2020 Technology Scholarship Assessment Report This page has the last years assessment report written by the chief marker for scholarship. It gives commentary on what is being looked for in scholarship as well […]

  • Overview

    Most of this information is taken from the NZQA Technology Scholarship page. Scholarship Technology involves you critically demonstrating your work in, understanding of, and application of three key areas of the Technology curriculum (Unfortunately it does not yet include the two Digital Technology specific strands). Those strands are: Technological practice Technological Knowledge The Nature of […]