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    Excel Camera Tool

    It’s not like it seems. It’s not about embedding a webcam into Excel. You can create a ‘window’ to view other parts of a spreadsheet. This is really useful if you want to be able to see the values of certain cells when on another worksheet. You can also use this to create a custom…

  • Site Redesign

    Learn ICT Now has had a site redesign. All content is now contained in posts rather than lessons. This allows for content to be assigned to multiple categories and learning pathways.

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    Usability Evaluation

    Remember usability relates to how easy it is for a user to interact with a system or product. We need to test how a user interacts with a system. This could be an existing system we want to replace or our own design. We can test this by observing the user use an existing system.…

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    User Research

    User research is about the process of finding out information about the users (humans) of your system. It needs to have a structured approach that you can use to measure and observe the processes. There are two main areas of user research: Qualitative Research Quantitative Research These types of user research can be observational where…

  • The first video on YouTube

    The video ‘Me at the zoo’ was the first ever video uploaded to youtube.

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    MLAPI and Unity’s New Input System

    This is a complex and frustrating but also rewarding activity. The example here is not an example of best practice. It is an example of a bodge to get the two new Unity packages MLAPI and the Input System working together. Please watch the video for a guide for how to implement MLAPI and the…

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    Games for players with disabilities

    Games have become a lot more accessible over the past few years. Custom control schemes are available as are different colour schemes and modes with closed captions. “However certain types of games or characters lead themselves better to players with certain play styles or requirements. This article “Games need more roles for players with disabilities”…

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    Microsoft is making one of the most positive moves for game accessibility in years | PC Gamer

    This is a great move by Microsoft who have shown a lot of commitment to enabling players to be able to play their games anywhere and with any control scheme or a range of visual effects to allow for the different accessibility needs of different players.

  • Social engineering and the NZ Covid tracer app

    The government message has been scan, scan, scan. This has been an attempt at social engineering to encourage people to scan. This instruction does not accurately describe what people need to do. People respond well to positive encouragement. The government message doesn’t include this and then subconsciously people feel guilty for not scanning in. NZ…

  • GameStop’s increasing share price.

    GameStop’s share price has been increasing rapidly due to investors putting in a large number of orders for stock, more than there is stock available. This higher demand for stock over supply has led to the share price increasing on the US stock market. The Guardian Article

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    Sony delisting Cyberpunk 2077 from PlayStation store

    Sony has announced that they are delisting Cyberpunk 2077 due to problems with how the game plays on base PS4 hardware. This is a massive step and means that people can continue to play the game if they own it. No more copies can be sold however. A similar issue happened with the PC version…

  • Sony PS5 takes over Oxford Circus

    As part of the launch for PS5 in the UK and Europe Sony has partnered with TfL the iconic London Underground roundel with the Square, Triangle, Cross and Circle. What other game marketing events have you heard of?

  • AMD Back in the Graphics Game

    AMD has just released their RDNA2 based cards, also known as Big Navi. It has been many years since AMD has produced a Graphics card that has been able to complete with let alone outperform nVidia at similar price points. It appears that with the Radeon RX 6000 series AMD has finally re-entered the competitive…

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    Simulating Pandemics through gaming

    Video games can be used to simulate and model real world pandemics. This happened with the Corrupted Blood incident with World of Warcraft.

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    Stuxnet was / is a virus that was developed to specifically target the centrifuges use in the Iranian uranium enrichment programme. Watch the video and read the above article from on Stuxnet. Use the information above and other sources to answer the questions. What was/is Stuxnet? Approximately how many lines of code did Stuxnet…