Stuxnet was / is a virus that was developed to specifically target the centrifuges use in the Iranian uranium enrichment programme.

Watch the video and read the above article from on Stuxnet.

Use the information above and other sources to answer the questions.

  1. What was/is Stuxnet?
  2. Approximately how many lines of code did Stuxnet contain?
  3. How many Zero Day exploits is Stuxnet rumoured to contain?
  4. What is a Zero Day exploit?
  5. What did Stuxnet infect?
  6. What was the purpose of Stuxnet?
  7. Who created Stuxnet?
  8. How could Stuxnet be modified to cause further damage?
  9. Write an argument in support of or against the following statement
    “Cyberwarfare is how most wars will be fought in the future.”