Wireless Secondary Display

Have you ever wanted to set up a second monitor wirelessly for when you’re working.

Spacedesk is an application that you can install on your Windows PC and another device to create a second screen using the second device.

It only works to create a second screen from a Windows PC (sorry Mac and Linux users, there are alternatives out there for you).

You need to install the program onto your device from the link below.

SpaceDesk Server Install.

Then you need to install the application on your client device.

This can be found on the app store. Links are also available on the link above.

When installed run the SpaceDesk Server on the machine to create the second screen from and the SpaceDesk App on the client (secondary monitor).

Click connect on the Secondary Monitor and you will see your secondary display.

You might need to use Win+P to Extend the display.

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