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  • First Skill – Chore Chart

    First Skill – Chore Chart

    Select Chore Chart from the At Home section Click Make Your Own Read the guide for making a skill using blueprint. Set the members of the household and the chores or tasks that need to be carried out. When finished click Next: Assign Assign the tasks and schedule reminders for devices. Make sure that you…

  • Setting up Alexa Blueprints

    Setting up Alexa Blueprints

    Go to blueprints.amazon.com.au and setup an Amazon account. You will probably need a phone number for this. Amazon will go through a fair bit of verification when setting this up for security. When logged in you will see a page that looks like the one below The blueprints here are templates (well blueprints) for adding…

  • Creating a Skill

    Creating a Skill

    Click on Create Skill to create a new skill

  • Evaluating existing Alexa examples

    Evaluating existing Alexa examples

    Click the Skill Examples tab to see examples of Alexa Skills This will take you to github.com where you can browse different Alexa examples. Most of these are using NodeJS Make sure you are signed in to your Github account. Click on Alexa Cookbook Clone / Download a copy of the repository. It is easiest…

  • Introduction / Overview

    Introduction / Overview

    In this guide you will learn how to create a Skill for Amazon Alexa.

  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    You will need to create an Amazon account and register for the Amazon Developer program. developer.amazon.com Select any apps you wish to develop for, we will select Alexa Voice Services Then click Start exploring the console. Select Alexa Skills Kit from the options in the console. You now have the development console for Alexa Skills