Installing an Android APK

APKs (Android Package) are a file format that is used to distribute Android Applications.

Android has the advantage that you can create your own APKs and install them on devices.

You do need to enable the ability to install APKs from unknown sources to do this.

This does have security risks and should only really be done on development devices.

The steps can change slightly depending on the device manufacturer and version of Android, but it’s usually in settings.

Often when you try to install an APK it will ask you if you want to change permissions. Android 12 allows you to set this as you install apps.

Connect your Android Device to your computer.

Open the Notification panel on your device.

Click on the USB notification.

Change the USB preferences to File Transfer.

You can now copy files to and from your device.

Find the APK you want on your computer.

Copy the APK

Go to This PC

Select your device.

Go into Internal shared storage

Select the folder to copy to (Download) is good.

Go to your devices File Manager and open the folder you copied the APK to.

Select the APK

If you get a security warning click settings. WE are going to allow installing files from unknown sources.

Select Allow from this source / unknown sources.

Select Install

If there is a message about being blocked by Play Protect select Install anyway

Go to your app list. You will find the Application installed.

Click the icon and the app will run.