Godot: Single Level 2D Platformer (Part 10) Publishing the Game

Finally we want to publish our game.

Godot supports a wide range of platforms.

See here for a guide for how to build an Android APK.

Windows Export

First we need to configure the tools to build the project.

Go to Editor > Manage Export Templates…

Select Download and Install

This will download Export Templates for building projects.

Click close when complete.

Go to Project > Project Settings…

Click add and choose Windows Desktop

Set the export path / folder.

Give the project a name.

Click Export Project…, note that the warning message is only for creating a custom icon for the project file.

You now have an executable file for the project.

Web Export: HTML5

This part of the guide will show how to build a WebGL project that will run in the browser. There is a Godot guide here and you can find the Godot documentation for exporting projects here.

Open your project.

Go to Project > Project Settings…

Select Add… > HTML5

Choose an export path

This doesn’t need to be in the project folder (and probably shouldn’t be) as it will make the project folder considerably larger.

Make sure that you give the file a name. Don’t include spaces in the name.

You can change any other settings.

Click Export Project making sure HTML5 is selected to export. If you select Export All… all of the builds will be created.

Confirm the file to save the project as.

Uncheck Export with debug if this is a final build.

Go to the folder you exported the project to.

Run the html file.

Note that the program won’t run

This is because the HTML5 application needs to run on a webserver.

If you have Runnable selected in the Prject settings you can use Godot to setup a temporary webserver.

Now in the top right corner there is an HTML5 button.

You can click this to preview / play in a webserver.

There are multiple ways to setup your own webserver. Look here for a guide to setting up a portable webserver of your own.

Publishing to Itch.io

You might also want to publish to itch.io

Click here to see a guide for how to setup a project on itch.io and upload your work.