Python 03 Setup

In this section you will find examples of how to code using Python 3

This guide will cover key concepts in programming using Python 3 for examples.

Throughout each of the lessons / sections there will be activities to complete.

Where there are code examples you should try them yourself

Just reading the examples will not help you much.

  • Input (1)

    Input (1)

    Reading input is really important in programming. It means that we can interact with the computer program. There are a number of methods of doing this. Here we will focus on using the Python input function to read input and assign the data entered to a variable. The input function returns a value which is…

  • Variables


    Variables are used to store data and the contents of them can be changed. This could be strings (text), numbers (integers, floats / decimals), or booleans (true or false). Variables must start with a letter. When naming variables (and functions) in Python we use an _ to separate different words. For example a variable to…

  • Fixing Errors (1)

    Fixing Errors (1)

    Try running the program below: There will be a number of errors that are detected when the program runs. The ones here are called syntax errors as they are due to the errors being due to the text we have used in our code. These are different to logic errors which the code will run…