Unity has a free student plan that is available. As does Github which provided access to a range of tools.

It can be a bit of a hassle to get set up. This guide is here to help with that.

Go to store.unity.com/academic/unity-student

Scroll down and select Authorise with Github

Note you’ll need a Github account first.

Sign in to Github

Authorise the application.

You now need to apply for the Unity / Github Student Developer Pack.

Click Apply

Select Get You Pack

Fill in the required details.

Make sure that you use your school email address.

Select you school from the list for example select Christchurch Boys’ High School for CBHS.

Enter how you use github e.g. software development and project management.

You will need to upload evidence that you are enrolled at that school.

This can be a copy of your student ID.

Make sure the information is accurate before submitting as it cannot be changed.

Then you have to wait.

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