Kanban Boards – Github / Trello / Codecks

Kanban boards are a way of tracking tasks and goals in a project.

Think of them as small post it notes for activities that need to be completed.

Some tasks could be larger goals that are made up of smaller tasks.

For example a goal could be to create a player.

Sub goals of this would be to create player movement, 3D model, animations, sound, etc.

There are a range of tools for Kanban project boards. Some examples are:

You will need to choose one to use for your project and regularly update your work and set goals and milestones (deadlines) that you need to achieve.

In NCEA the easiest way to fail the iterative process standards at all levels is to not set enough tasks and to not update them regularly.

You also should set out a timeline using a Gantt Chart.

This will have the key tasks that you have identified and estimated times allocated to each of them.

Team Gantt is a useful tool for this but you can prepare them in a range of tools.