Adding multiple non Steam games to Steam

Steam is a place where a lot of people have a lot of their digital games. However there are also a number of different games clients and Epic Games in particular offers free games every week.

It’s convenient to have them in one location, especially if you use Steam Link to play your games remotely. That’s where Boilr comes in handy.

Boilr is a tool that adds non steam games into your steam library.

Simple go to the site here and download Boilr.

Run the file.

BoilR will find most of your other games automatically.

In order to download the images for use with the applications you will need a SteamGridDB api key.

Check Only download images for BoilR shortcuts

Set your Steam Location which is usually C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam on PC

I’d recommend checking Stop Steam before import and Start Steam after import.

When you’re ready head back to the Import Games tab and click the button at the bottom of the window.

A searching for images prompt will appear

As will a command prompt showing the progress and activities being carried out by BoilR

When it’s finished Steam should restart.

BoilR will have set up some new collections in Steam for the different game clients.

You should now see the different game that have been installed with artwork.

Click on a game to play it. This also work in Big Picture mode and through remote play.

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