Human Computer Interaction

Human computer interaction (HCI) is concerned with how humans and other users interact with computers.

This often takes the form of developing user interfaces that are easy for different people to use.

It is relevant for the majority of computer systems (even artificial intelligence systems need[1] to present their information appropriately for end users).

You need to consider HCI for any system[2] that has users interact with it in any way.

The type of interface will depend on these end users. For example expert users should have ways of using the system more efficiently while novices will need something that is easier to use.

Even websites need different user interfaces depending on if they are accessed via touchscreen or a traditional mouse and keyboard interface.

Terms definitions
1. need. An identified requirement of a person, group, or environment. A need is identified from an issue and sits within a context. Technological practice can be undertaken in an attempt to meet an identified need.
2. system. A set of interconnected parts designed to transform, store, transport or control materials, energy and/or information.