Modelling and Spreadsheets

Basic (Level 1)

Advanced (Level 2)

  • Sort / Filter
  • Text manipulation formulae
  • Mail merge

Complex (Level 3)

  • Managing multiple worksheets
  • Lookup tables
  • Financial formulae
Terms definitions
1. logical operators. These are pieces of code or digital objects that help a system understand the difference between different options.
2. Basic. In senior Technology programmes, the term “basic” is used to identify curriculum level 6 (NCEA Level 1) specialist knowledge and skills. Further explanation can be found in the explanatory notes of the subject specific standards. The progression is from “basic” (curriculum level 6) to “advanced” (curriculum level 7) through to “complex” (curriculum level 8).
3. Sum. A formula use in a spreadsheet to calculate the total of a series (range) of cells.
4. Count. The number of items recorded or counted. Also a spreadsheet function that counts the number of non empty cells in a range.
5. data. Raw facts or figures without context or meaning. e.g. 1, “Boris”, False