Environment (electronic, physical, social, socio-cultural, socio-technological)

The structure that something or someone operates in. So in everyday life, we consider the word ‘environment[1]’ to mean the land around where we live. In technology, this could mean the context[2] that the thing you are making operates in. So for example, if you are building a piece of equipment for going into a hospital, the environment is the hospital, and that might be different from being in a school… it might have different electricity requirements and different regulations.

Terms definitions
1. environment. The surroundings of, and influences on, a particular item of interest. Electronic environments can be defined as functional combinations of hardware and embedded software in the real world – that is, circuits, prototypes or products. In Technology, physical environment commonly refers to the location of the specific practice or the place where a final outcome will be located. In […]
2. context. The setting for something, that makes it easy to understand the whole story. So if something can be situated in several different settings, understanding which setting you are talking about makes it easier to see the whole picture. « Back to Glossary Index