Intelligent systems

Systems that have been designed to adapt to environmental inputs[2] in ways that change the nature of the system[3] components and/or transformation processes[1] in known and unknown ways.

Terms definitions
1. transformation processes. Processes that occur within a system to ensure the inputs are changed into the outputs in a controlled and intended way, without need for additional human design input. Transforming refers to changing the structure or particle alignment within an existing material in order to change some of its properties, but, in terms of its composition, […]
2. inputs. If you do something, and a computer or system ‘receives’ that, you’ve given it input. If that input triggers a function, you might receive some kind of feedback from the system. « Back to Glossary Index
3. system. A set of interconnected parts designed to transform, store, transport or control materials, energy and/or information. « Back to Glossary Index